5 Questions to Ask Your Luxury Interior Designer

31 January 2022
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This article details the questions you should ask before hiring a luxury interior designer and provides reasons why these are good questions to ask.

What inspired them when designing luxury interiors for homes and businesses?

This is a good question to ask because it gives you insight into the designer's style and what they think of as a luxury. A good designer will provide you with solid reasons that show how their design process works and why they feel the way they do about luxury goods.

What are some of their favourite materials to work with and why?

Asking a question like this can help you figure out if the designer is using authentic, high-quality materials for their projects or if they're using inexpensive alternatives. It can also reveal a lot about what kind of luxury the designer imagines when designing spaces. For example, wooden flooring would suggest an element of warmth, which could suit many types of luxurious interiors within homes or businesses.

How do they approach each new project - what's their creative process like?

Designers who are passionate about their work will be happy to talk about how they go about designing luxury interiors. Creativity is an essential part of luxury interior design, so hearing that a designer approaches projects with creativity and passion can help inspire confidence in their ability to create the type of design you're looking for.

Do they have any tips or advice for people looking to redesign their home or office space on a budget?

Any good designer should offer great tips and advice on how to work within a budget when undertaking home renovations yourself. Some designers may even offer free consultations to give information if asked this question before hiring them. It's also a great question to determine what type of design process they undertake with their clients.

Can they tell you about a few of their most recent projects - what were the challenges involved, and how did they overcome them?

This is another great question that can help give you insight into how well the designer works within different spaces, as well as helping to reveal something about their personality.

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